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Тюменский научный центр Сибирского отделения Российской Академии наук


A number of experimental integration projects aimed at creation of research and education complex were launched in 2002. The objective is to raise the efficiency of using potential of higher educational establishments and RAS research centres.

In order to implement the governmental strategy of science and education development set forth in the “Fundamentals of Russian Federation policies in the domain of science and education development from 2010 and in the future” adopted at the joint meeting of the Security Council of Russia, presidium of the State Council of Russia and Research and New Technologies Council under the President of Russia on the 20th of March 2002 №2 and approved by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on the 30th of March 2002 the parties have agreed on the following trends of co-operation:

1. Creation of joint organisation structures to ensure participation of the researcher of Siberian and Ural branches of Russian Academy of Science in the process of high quality training of personnel for the economy of Tyumen region.

2. Organisation of innovative engineering and demonstration-and-consultation centres on the basis of research and educational establishments of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science, Ural branch of Russian Academy of Science and Universities applying high technologies.

3. Consideration of transfer of leading specialists from Siberian and Ural branches of Russian Academy of Science to Tyumen Research Centre SB RAS, in the first place, researchers specialising in arts, economy and natural sciences.


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